Rocking Horses

Beautifully Handcrafted Wooden Rocking Horses

We are passionate about wooden rocking horses. From new customised handmade horses to restoration projects – our aim is to ensure your rocking horse can serve and enchant future generations of young riders.

The Woodcarver’s Haven can produce an exquisite rocking horse to match any style. Each wooden rocking horse is carved to perfection to be a beautiful addition to any home. The process of creating the horses personally involves The Woodcarvers Haven’s master craftsman to ensure high quality is attained every step of the way.


The Craft of Making a Wooden Rocking Horse

The intricate process of creating the masterpiece starts with the selection of timber. We make sure the wooden rocking horses are made using the finest material. This is why we personally select the timber to be used for each rocking horse for sale at our shop.

Our Master Woodcarver, Michael visits Tasmania every year to personally select good figured timber with a bird’s eye. We also make sure to look for prime quality Huon Pine in Tasmania as it is considered as one of the best timbers in the world. This type of timber has a lovely honey colour, giving the wooden rocking horse a beautiful hue.

A Heirloom Piece of Craftmanship

After the selection, the making of each wooden part of the rocking horse is done with utmost care. We make sure every part of the wooden rocking horse is of unparalleled quality. The removable bridle and saddle is handmade to fit the wooden horses, the mane and tail made from real horse hair, the swings made from ½” steel to withhold heavy weights, and the brassware that is clear powder-coated to prevent tarnishing – each of these details is given the highest importance to create the most beautiful piece.