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The Art of Woodcarving: 3 Steps to Get Started

The Art of Woodcarving: 3 Steps to Get You StartedSculpting is an amazing art that requires patience and a keen eye for detail. But like any other skill, sculpting isn’t an inborn talent. It can be learnt and harnessed, as long as you have the strong interest and will...

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To Carve and Express: The Art of Getting Inspiration

Coming up with an idea for an art piece can be a struggle even for art virtuosos. The experts, though it seems they never run out of beautiful pieces to display, consider art a difficult addiction from which they can’t get sober. An artist at times has to strive hard...

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Wooden Rocking Horses: Make Them Last for Generations

There’s no questioning the timelessness of wooden rocking horses and the charm they exude. So if you’re handed a piece or two by your parents, ancestors, an antique-lover for a friend, or by a complete stranger, value and take care of them, for these wooden horse...

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Rocking Horses: What Makes Them So Special?

Who doesn’t know what a rocking horse is. The privilege of owning a rocking horse delights the hearts of children and amuses the childhood reminiscence in adults. These adorable and masterfully carved wooden pieces are often found in homes as décor or in children’s...

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