Who doesn’t know what a rocking horse is. The privilege of owning a rocking horse delights the hearts of children and amuses the childhood reminiscence in adults. These adorable and masterfully carved wooden pieces are often found in homes as décor or in children’s bedrooms as playthings, and they’re are well-known for their charming and nostalgic appeal.

There are a number of people who spend their time and money collecting these classic decorative pieces. If you’re wondering why, read on to discover what makes rocking horses special and worthy of collecting.

Fine Decorative Pieces

Each rocking horse is constructed and handcrafted by skilled woodcarvers. Each one is given utmost attention to make sure every detail and part is well-crafted. These are usually made from high quality types of wood such as walnut, pine or mahogany. These can be painted with different colours and polished for a smooth finish. Wooden horses also come with a set of accessories such as a saddle, brass fittings, glass eyes, and a mane and tail made of real hair. With such features, a rocking horse makes a fine and unique decorative piece for the home.

Family Treasures

Aside from being rare types of décor, wooden carvings are also valued family possessions. There are some pieces that have been passed down from one generation to another. These are highly treasured items especially for families that are passionate about horses. Some people are into collecting antique pieces and making them into family heirlooms, passing on not just a specially crafted rocking horse, but a symbol of treasured childhood memories.

Timeless Toys

These wooden horses are also classic toys for both boys and girls. Rocking horses are almost synonymous with childhood. Seeing one of these instantly gives you that nostalgic feeling of being that carefree child. These would make fun additions to a child’s bedroom where children can have easy access to the toy when they want to play. 

Wonderful Gifts

With their detailed designs, these carvings would also make delightful presents to children. As kids, we all fantasised about riding horses and going on fun adventures. These are wonderful gift ideas for children who are celebrating their birthdays or those who have shown a particular interest in horses. There is a wide selection of rocking horses for everyone nowadays.

When it comes to these masterpieces, a woodcarver is the right expert to approach. This craftsman has the right experience and knowledge about these wonderful wooden items. He knows what types of materials are best to use and what carving techniques are required to produce the best looking wooden horse. Those who want to purchase a rocking horse should see a trusted woodcarver.

The Woodcarvers Haven is the one shop to go to for this. We have been in the business of woodcarving for more than 22 years, providing a collection of top quality furniture and rocking horses. Our rocking horses come in different sizes: small, medium and large. Each one is individually numbered and comes with a certificate. In addition, we can also restore old rocking horses and make them as good as new. We can repaint, replace parts and repair these prized possessions to preserve their beauty.

Come visit us at our shop and find the kind of wooden horse you want. Whether you need one as a home decoration or a birthday gift, you are sure to find one that matches your preference.