The Art of Woodcarving: 3 Steps to Get You Started

Sculpting is an amazing art that requires patience and a keen eye for detail. But like any other skill, sculpting isn’t an inborn talent. It can be learnt and harnessed, as long as you have the strong interest and will to do so. One of the most widely practiced sculpting techniques is carving. And the most popular material many carvers love using is wood. The art of woodcarving, then, turns plain wood into beautifully formed wooden sculptures.

The Woodcarvers Haven is the perfect place for anyone who desires to etch his or her creativity on wood. Aside from being a trusted expert in wooden rocking horse restoration and a long-time provider of quality and carefully crafted wooden rocking horses, wooden furniture and woodcarving kits, we at The Woodcarvers Haven also take joy and fulfilment from teaching aspiring woodcarvers what we have learned after years of making artistic forms out of wood.

As we pass on our woodcarving knowledge and skills to budding artists, we ensure they experience fun and productive learning in the process. Our sincere intention to help them towards becoming successful and professional woodcarvers is what drives us to keep instilling the art of bringing wood to life into their hearts and minds.

Aspiring to create beautiful wooden sculptures? Follow these three steps to get started.

1. Find a good trainer.

Real passion for the art is an important attribute aspiring woodcarvers must have. To keep your passion burning and lead you to the right path, you need a reliable guide who can hone you to unleashing your potentials. In short, look for a trusted teacher.

Here at The Woodcarvers Haven, we offer week-long woodcarving classes thrice a year conducted by our own Michael Mason. We hold our classes among the wineries of the Barrosa Valley—a suitable training ground for you to imbibe our teachings and a scenic location where you can relax at the same time. Our different modules are specially devised to suit beginner to advanced students. We schedule our classes every January, April and September.

Yearly, we have witnessed our trainees’ continuous progress as they work on different projects (e.g., mirrors, wall clocks, wine tables, four-poster beds, etc.). Our fun and creative way of teaching encourages students to come back every year and explore their craft further. We believe in their limitless potentials, and seeing them succeed is what we consider our best return of investment.

You need not search further. Give us a ring so we can start quenching your thirst for knowledge and skills in woodcarving.

2. Pick your style

What makes art more unique and beautiful is the diversity in style of artists. The art of woodcarving as well flourishes in various styles and techniques. Choosing a style you prefer is paramount to help you discern on what tools to buy. Of course, you are not restricted to your preferred style. You can go on exploring more after focusing on a certain style. Again, there’s no limit to your potentials.

At the Woodcarvers Haven we have taught an enormous amount of people the art of carving period furniture.  Furniture style carving is very diverse, there being different leg styles from Cabrial, French Provisional, Ball & Claw and Louis Legs, relief carving, incised carving, pieced carving and plant on carvings.  Carvings done on turned items as in lamps and pedestals to four poster beds.

Sculpturing is another style carving from a block of wood to a fine figurine or any animal you like.

Of course our rocking horses are very populat and many students carve them each year from small to large, painted to polished timber, now available in our School the extra carved horses in two styles and three sizes designed entirely by me and unique to us.

3. Ready your tools.

The moment we get in touch with you about your training, and after having chosen the style you prefer, we can start giving you suggestions and choices on the tools you need. The basic kits are all you need to get started. You can purchase more tools as you progress to higher levels. Our quality and durable woodcarving tools and kits are made to last for your daily woodcarving projects.

Start a woodcarving career with The Woodcarvers Haven, and let’s work hand in hand to your success as an expert woodcarver. Who knows, we might lead you to owning a booming wood furniture business in the future!