There’s no questioning the timelessness of wooden rocking horses and the charm they exude. So if you’re handed a piece or two by your parents, ancestors, an antique-lover for a friend, or by a complete stranger, value and take care of them, for these wooden horse pieces have gone a long way from history, way back in 400 B.C. at the time of the ancient Greeks.

If you were in the Victorian era, you’re a noble if you have wooden horse sculptures in your living room, can easily afford one, or your kids are playing with pull-along wooden horse toys. Though nowadays a wooden rocking horse isn’t much regarded a symbol of high societal status, its elegance as an interior ornament and as a child’s entertainment remain intact.

It is only just to treat them with utmost care so they can last for generations as a prized family heirloom. They may only be pieces of carved wooden furniture but they can symbolise how you and your bloodline have stood through thick and thin through the years. Like other pieces of antiques, that’s how wooden horse sculptures become more precious and valuable as they age.

Here at The Woodcarvers Haven, we manually and meticulously create every piece of wooden rocking horse to produce beautiful and sturdy outputs, because we don’t only aim to please our current clients, we also want the succeeding generations of their families to lay eyes on elegant, handcrafted, wooden antique masterpieces that can stand the test of time.

Here are simple and helpful tips you can apply to take care of your wooden rocking horses, so they’ll last for centuries.

Regulate humidity and moisture

Antique wooden horses are more sensitive to moisture and temperature, primarily because of their age and of the physical degenerations they’ve gone through for decades or centuries. With quality restoration works though, they’re more protected against varying humidity levels despite their age.

High and low humidity levels, in the long run, cause wood to crack and shrink respectively. Newer models are better at combating moisture. However, since wood easily absorbs moisture, it pays to ensure humidity levels at home are within normal values, to protect wooden furniture and make them last for generations. Moreover, keep wooden rocking horses away from direct sunlight as much as possible and from water or anything wet that damages wood.

Do regular cleaning

Even if you only keep wooden horse sculptures indoors, they need regular wiping and polishing. Do not use a damp cloth. If you do, that’s totally defeating the purpose of the previous guideline. At least wipe them once every two days, with a clean and dry microfiber cloth, paying more attention to nooks and crannies where dust and dirt would most likely build up. Avoid using strong chemicals or wax polishes since they may not be suitable for wooden antiques or certain kinds of wood. A clean cloth would be enough.

Immediately fix small damages

Once you see a tiny scratch or crack on your wooden rocking horse, don’t wait for it to worsen and the damage to spread. You can’t be too complacent especially if your wooden rocking horse is antique. You may need to bring it to a shop specialising in wooden rocking horse and wooden furniture restoration.

Here at The Woodcarvers Haven, we guarantee you’ll receive great and affordable service when it comes to the restoration of wooden rocking horses and other wooden furniture you have. So for your “wooden” concerns, never hesitate to call or visit The Woodcarvers Haven.